Wednesday, 2 August 2017

My Pieceful Space

Even though it's not strictly "Christmas in July" month anymore, I am still kind of working on something! Hahaha! I wonder when I can make another block of time dedicated to Christmas.... or if I will "reward" myself for reaching my personal quilting goals...

My brain is just overflowing with great ideas. I keep waking up in the night with (of course!) sensational ideas... hehahehehahehehe... but first, they need to be made.. before that they are my intellectual secret!

What's been going on in My Pieceful Space? (That's my new name for the sewing part of the kitchen).

I finished two stitcheries for the Bronwyn Hayes "Wish Quilt". The angel is now part of this new block, that just needs a bit of applique stitched down.

The cat was a dog to stitch. I FORCED myself to finish it, by taking ONLY that stitchery to social sewing group. After I had oohed and aahed over all the show and tell, and taken mine too, there was nothing else for it. I gritted my teeth and it's over. Phew!

What didn't I like about stitching the cat picture? It was the satin stitch leaves in the border. I loathed stitching it, and therefore did not do a spectacular job. There was no patience left for a necessary job. I could have left out the satin stitch, but I know that from a distance it will add balance to the quilt. A necessary addition, in the end!

And so, there are ALMOST 4 of the 6 blocks finished, and the very last stitchery has been started. Hurrah! I think the project will end here soon, as it's less than 4 weeks until the bellydance concert, and I may need to decorate a new bra. *wink wink* I just don't think one I already have will do!

And here is a set of bags "Alpaca My Bags!" I made for a gf on her way to Malaysia next week.

An ipad bag, and a passport and tickets bag. The other side has her name free motion quilted. I love these bags... I think there may be some more on the way....

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Julierose said...

Your Wish blocks are beautiful--(I don't like satin stitching either--mine never come out right!!;000) anyway..nice job...hugs, Julierose