Saturday, 26 August 2017

Quilt till you wilt

I am really enjoying the process of creating the green dreamcatcher quilt.

Now that I've quilted in the dreamcatcher, I don't really want to cover the feathers with fabric as was the original plan... this project has a mind of its own!

While it chooses what to do next, I made the Tea Rose apron with adjustable straps, so that Mummy's and their Mini Mes could both have a turn!

Mini Me!


Jo said...

I like the shape apron you have made

Julierose said...

Oh that's funny, my quilts seem to be going their own ways, too ;)))
...Lovely dreamcatcher--Beautiful embroidery....
I just think that picture is adorable..totally scrapbook worthy!! hugs, Julierose said...

The dreamcatcher and beautiful and as for your mini me, aren't they just so adorable at that age. :)

Jo said...

Hope all is going well at your end of the world.
Have a lovely Xmas and take care.