Thursday, 10 August 2017

Tambourine Tangerine

You guessed it! There's a hole in my finger! All this hand stitching on bellydance costumes!

This was a pink bra. Er.... well, it still is... But, it was a pink bra, and an orange belt. The belt was about a size 8... and I am about size 12-14... what to do with it? Aha! The belt has been stitched onto the bra, extra sequins added, and it's ready to go with the 25 yard full skirt in pink and orange ready for the tambourine dance.

Okay... now I have decided to start another new costume instead of wearing something I had... Eek! This really does sound like me... hahahahaha.... nothing like an outfit at the last minute!

Making the new costume consists of rustling up bits and pieces that I have already, including a $1 scarf from ebay, a dream catcher, a $7 bra from kmart, a hand me down necklace and some gorgeous bronze fabric.... I think I will make up a belt too.

For this one I have chosen a more tribal theme.. adding the turquoise feathers and fabric to brighten up the bronze/brown.

My dear Mother In Law just stitched me a bronze/brown satin skirt (she has made about 100 of them, and they are very fast for her... bless her!!)... Ok... I have only a few days.... Cheer me on!

Oh! And I made this patchworked teddy/doll sleeping bag....

Ouch! Hand stitching binding! My fingers!! We ARE suckers for our craft!

2 comments: said...

Great ideas, I am not letting my daughter see the bra, she will be wanting me to dress up all of hers. Thanks for sharing :)

Radka said...

I like what you do with your bras, LOL!