Saturday, 14 January 2017

Time to crack out the sewing machine

While the older children have gone to their grandparents' for a couple of nights, it is time to get the sewing machine out for a few days! It's lovely to swing between hand and machine work, and projects that stimulate compared to projects that soothe.

Last night I had a cosy night in... just me and my baby boy...

I finished this Red Brolley embroidery.

And worked this week's block from The Goblin King QAL.

I am pretty happy with my progress of both lots of handwork, and with some sewing machine time  I was thinking to start something with the Star Wars fabric before the next Project Quilting challenge is released on Monday.

I went rummaging under the bed in the stash and found 2 lots of 12 blocks already made out of comicbook superhero fabrics.

I felt like I shouldn't start something with the Star Wars prints until I have completed both quilts. (AARGH! Why do I feel that way? My cousin's son just turned 13, and has totally outgrown his baby quilt, maybe I am thinking of him?)

some panels for creative backings and borders

I have already pieced one set of blocks together.

Now to buy some bright solids to frame the leftover fabrics, and I can machine sew when it's not so hot this evening.

leftover bits for creative borders and backings


Wilma said...

Very nice Lorraine. Good to see you quilting

Bizarre Quilter said...

Thank you Mum. Glad to have you back in blog land.

kiwikid said...

Great stitcheries Lorraine, those blocks obviously needed to be done for your nephew!! The quilt too looks great. Looks like the left overs will give you lots more to play with.