Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Can't help myself

It's Working on WIPs Wednesday at Esther's blog.

Funnily enough, I am showing the applique started on Esther's free BOM "Diamond Hill". I think my quilt is going to be called "Amethyst and Opals". My MIL loves gem collecting, polishing and shaping. She also loves purple and turquoise.

If you look at the fabrics I've used (batik, Grunge, Shimmer and Fairy Frost) they look like those stones too.

The dark background is really exciting. I marked some placement lines with a Clover pencil that washes out.

I need to buy a wider bias maker. All I have here is the 6mm one which looks right for the finer stems. Then I will be able to make the wider stems.

I am very excited to be appliqueing again.

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Jo said...

Is this the same one as Deana is doing too.