Monday, 16 January 2017

New Project!

Well, it's great news all round here!!

The Superhero Comics quilt top and Time For Love are both in the mail (registered post) to be quilted.

Esther Aliu's new free BOM for the year "Diamond Hill" is going to be absolutely perfect for my MIL's 70th birthday which is in two years. Good. Let's aim to finish it a year early so that she has an extra year to enjoy it. I would like her to love it, pat it, and hug it for as long as possible. She's in very good nick, so I think she will get at least 10 years out of it. This means I have more to add to my "wanting to do" list for this year.

I have printed the first part of the pattern, but will not even look at choosing fabric until I feel like I have finished something else. I kind of got into a routine for quite a few years, where I wouldn't let myself start something new until I finished something else. And that inspired me to rummage through some projects and gave me the oomph! needed to finish a project. (Maybe that's why I have decided so many of my quilts will be gifts, does it inspire me to finish them? I must confess, that is not the way. There's a Cathy Miller song called "It' Ain't Finished Yet" about the wedding quilt that was meant to be given away 2 years ago, where she's spent a small fortune on fabric and threads, she needs more of that fabric she bought in Tibet, but It Ain't Finished Yet. Yep, I think that's sometimes me)....

Project Quilting has issued the second challenge for the year, around the theme of "Carolina Lily".
I came across something new for me to try. It's Linda Franz's "Inklingo". Here is a link to the page that is inspiring me. 

The idea is to print the cutting and sewing lines for a shape directly onto the fabric, then hand sew or machine sew the pieces together. It happens in your ordinary inkjet printer (or 3 in 1 machine). There are some free shapes to try. You have to add them into the shopping cart, then log in to download them, but then they are on your computer.

Now, this is a fun challenging thing for me!

I want to make my MIL a Christmas tree skirt for her white faux tree, using the Inklingo technique to with Carolina Lily blocks.

I have chosen these fabrics.

While I don't usually prewash my fabrics it seems I need to for this printing thing. Let's give it a go. Stay tuned! It is a challenge after all! It's the first of 7 days, and all I have done is washed half of the fabric. Busy times tomorrow!

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Jo said...

The challenge looks interesting. I'll be watching to see how inklings works.
Keep up the good work with finishing your projects. Making them for gifts is a good incentive.