Thursday, 19 January 2017

Back to nature

It's my birthday month, and the children are back at school on Monday, so we have been trying to cram in as much special family time as possible.

Yesterday my sweetheart took us to a surprise destination that was new for all of us.

Crystal Creek

Crystal Creek. A cool, freshwater swimming place with waterfalls. Oh, it was so relaxing. Even though it has been very, very hot and humid at home, only 70km away in the mountains, it was cool. The water was cool. The trees were shady. We all swam. Ahhh....

It was such a strong contrast. We felt hot and tense on the way, and as we drove up the winding mountain I could feel us all become more calm. We felt so cool and relaxed.

Before we went home we all wanted to change clothes. That is how cool we felt. We had a little wander and a look around.

This tree particularly caught my eye. The lichen on its trunk is so beautiful. It might just inspire a little quilty art piece at some time. Getting back to nature is what we all needed. Thank you.

lichen tree trunk

and some huge berries, or native plums

And so, in the cool of the afternoon at home after a homeward stop for frosty home made gelato (I had cinnamon and ginger, both rich and with such depth in flavour), I drew up a log cabin block and a block arrangement on graph paper while cooking dinner.

This morning I cut the pieces for the blocks, and pieced them. It took over 4 hours, between breakfasting, cleaning kids rooms and supervising playing (but mostly, I just had time to sew, my sweetheart kept a keen eye for us all). Bub was awake and cranky at 5am (he's teething, little darling,  and eating a lot of frozen corn and frozen raspberries to numb his gums), so I started sewing early before it heated up too much for sewing in the kitchen.

individual block also looks a bit like a Carolina Lily

Just needs the four applique blocks trimmed down and added on. (Need to finish the last 2 blocks tonight).
wow. loving the arrangement. So Christmassy

Tomorrow is basting and quilting day. The next day is binding day.

There is a very tight schedule for the Project Quilting challenges of only one week from start to finish.

And lastly, a little treat I bought in Olive Branch while picking up the fusible bias tape. French General fabrics for a classy table runner. (At this stage it's for me, but I am not sure of my upcoming colour scheme in the dining room, so i will have to see.) I hope it's for me!

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Jo said...

Looking good Lorraine. What a beautiful spot to swim.