Saturday, 21 January 2017

OMG! There's a hole in my quilt!


This morning I was ready to trim the quilted challenge piece for Project Quilting's second challenge of the year, and then cut a hole in it. I know. I know.... flipping heck!

I've never made a Christmas Tree Skirt before, so I kind of made it up as I went along.

A big slit, then a hole in the centre. I thought it might be easier to make it square rather than a circle.

Nope. Crikey!  Make a circle next time, and cut the binding on the bias.

I stitched all the bias on by machine before I remembered to insert the ribbon ties. 
Just a little bit of unpicking. 

Time to turn and hand stitch down before the final reveal tomorrow.

Last night I joined in the FNSI at Sugarlane Designs.

I stitched some of the Bronwyn Hayes Christmas redwork for my sister's 40th birthday quilt. Even though I am loving the tree skirt, it felt good to work on something different.

How to be an Aussie tutorial:
Use words like Crikey, Flippin' Heck, and G'day.

And keep a pair of scissors in the freezer with the Zooper Doopers in Summer. It stops everyone from using your sewing scissors.


Jo said...

That's funny about your scissors. I have 2 pairs in the draw opposite the fridge... Hubby knows not to touch my scissors.
Your tree skirt is coming along nicely

Anonymous said...

Wow I think your tree skirt looks awesome ,that's great you got some stitchery she done to,well done .

newsurfiegirl said...

LOL about the scissors and the Aussie Tutorial! It is funny how scissors disappear in this house. Luckily everyone knows not to use my sewing scissors! Love the rework and the tree skirt I am yet to make one maybe this year... adds another project to the list!

PersimonDreams said...

LOVE your tree skirt! Great take on the challenge! LOL on the scissors!