Sunday, 15 January 2017

Does this sound crazy?

It's been a lot cooler here, which means it is more pleasant to be Sewing in the Kitchen! Although with all the rain, the mozzies have been breeding, and some nights, like last night, the outdoor kitchen was full of flying insects.. then frogs and toads were also everywhere eating the winged things.

As a result of sewing this morning, I have lots to show and tell, and I've had lots to think about.

Gingercat (AKA "Babycat" when he was named by the children as a kitten, but a name he seems to have outgrown) is deciding whether or not the cartoon section is too busy. "Yes, I'll just stay all the way over here, thank you. That might be sharp. Or moving. Or it might try to pat me."

Then, I realise I probably have enough fabric for 3 more superhero comic quilts (not quite like this, because I have panels), and enough for 2 Star Wars quilts, and enough for 2 Motorbike quilts.

That's 8 quilts.  I felt tired thinking about it. Maybe I could hammer out one a month this year. Would that be too much? As well as various stitch alongs and projects I have already decided to make?

And who do I give them to? Now that I have a new set of inlaws, there are lots of youngsters without quilts. Ethan is 10. Harlee is 15. My boys are 1 and 6. My newest nephew, Miles is 1. And my cousin's boys are 13, 10 and 9 - still using their baby quilts to cuddle under watching tv.

One thing is for sure, I will keep one of the superhero comic quilts for my household.

And I think one will go to 13yo Blake, and I am still deciding, but maybe one for Ethan, and one for Miles. Then I can keep one of the motorbike ones, and one of the Star Wars ones for my household too. One Star Wars to 9yo, one motorbike to 8yo, and I will make something beachy in batiks for Harlee.

I was feeling so stressed thinking about all the quilts to make to give away.  Where did that come from? Then I told myself: "Lorraine, just make one a month. They don't know you've planned to make all these quilts this year, and they won't miss them if you don't. This is your pleasure and recreation. And once they've had a quilt, I won't feel like I ever have to make them another one...well.. except for my kids and special nephew"

Does this sound crazy for a year's plan?
-4 comic superhero quilts
-2 Star Wars quilts
-2 motorbike quilts
-1 Christmas redwork wallhanging
-1 Christmas tree skirt
-The Goblin King quiltalong
-1 beachy batiks quilt
-Fandom in stitches is also collecting patterns for a tribute quilt to Carrie Fisher and George Michael  (if they do QAL, I will probably join)
-Esther Aliu starts her new free mystery BOM tomorrow, depending on the first block, I might even start that...
-Project Quilting still has 7 challenges left, I will try to make gifts out of the next ones

and what about something for me? Something bright in Kaffe Fasset fabrics????

Oh Lorraine! My goodness!

Look at what happens when you lose your quilting mojo for a couple of years... suddenly you feel like you have to make 24 quilts in a year. That's one every 2 weeks. We shall see. It might just be too crazy.

Get your longarm fired up Mum. I'm on a run.

crinkly shot: just needs fusing and machine stitching

2 hours later.... Wait a minute! I also found a Christmas quiltalong! 

and a modern quilts QAL

and this ugly christmas jumper QAL... oh sew many projects!

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Andrea said...

OK - to kill the "just for me, something new urge" Esther Aliu's BOM would be amazing in Kaffe Fabrics. I am toying with this one too. Nice bit of applique with some fun piecing....

However, I am trying to complete some older projects - oh dear.......