Tuesday, 16 January 2018


Well, hello! I've already missed a few days and will have to back-post what I've been making!

But today I started and finished two things. Which is in itself amazing. Usually it takes more than one day to make something, even something small-ish, as I am right in sync with one part of the making e.g. the machine applique, and not really in the mood to finish it into a cushion. Or vice versa.

This results in some days with heaps of finished items to show and others with progress pics.

First I embellished this hand towel with some satin.

 It is so luxurious, the hand towel cost more than any of my regular full sized towels!

 I thought it would be beautiful for a guest hand towel, or

 to make every day magickal in a personal ensuite.

 Nobody wants the kids wiping goo on their special hand towel!

Then I made this, very special Uni-cushion.

I named her Sparkle.

 The body is made from fairy frost glitter, and this is repeated in the border. The mane, tail, hooves and horn are also made from fairy frosts, then free motion embroidered with feathers adornments in the mane and tail.

I adore these projects at the moment, and they sell better for me than quilts, for which I need to charge more money for time and materials.

Have a sparkly day.
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kiwikid said...

Lots of beautiful things happening at yours, love the Unicorn and the butterfly is stunning.

Lynette said...

I like the silk embroidered on the towels, and what a cute unicorn. Fairy Frost is a great fabric. I have a couple colors in my stash, too.