Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Sneaky Peek

With my sister's second bub due in March, I thought I had better get a big start on her baby's quilt.

11 of 14 gollies are assembled.

The centre charms are all cut out and joined. The music background is ready to be used (in reverse, so that the pattern is more subtle, although this will put the treble clefs backwards, but ah well...)

And I would love to have the little quilt top assembled tomorrow, ready to stitch the gollies down.

This quilt design by Lil Blokes measures about 60cm x 70cm. This is about the size baby quilt I made for my sister's first baby, and she said it was the perfect size. It certainly turned up in a LOT of baby photos. That's it then. Sorted. I would say the little quilt top is about half finished. YES!


Jo said...

Good to see some work being done... My quilt group mentioned you the other week. They remember you calling in to the group when you had closed shop and moved north...

Anonymous said...

wow this is going to be so cute,nice to have a baby coming in the family xx