Saturday, 13 January 2018

Beary Nice and a little bit Corny

Hello everyone,

I totally enjoyed making this teddybear cushion using patterns from Lil Blokes in Bendigo,Victoria. I ordered the pattern and some fabrics and some pencils from Lynn, and she sent me instructions on how to make the faces.

I adored making them, and I love the way the faces came up looking 3 dimensional.

Looking at the cushion overall afterwards, I would say these "country" themed colours are not as popular as purple, pink and teal at the moment.

And this cushion probably seems quite dull in comparison to others I have been working on.

Saying that, I just mean that it doesn't appeal to everyone, but then what does? Although it hasn't found a home yet, I am sure that it will in the near future.

I also bought a golly pattern from Lil Blokes as my sister is expecting her second bub in March, and I have some stitching to do! Looking forward to showing and telling when I get that started (but first to finish the Toy Story quilt for my other nephew!)

Oh! And here is an update on a custom uni-quilt. Chosen in fairy frost glitter pink background, this is what I have done so far.

Next, free motion embroidery details on the unicorn, and then it's off for quilting.

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