Sunday, 28 January 2018

Dobby The Third

I have so enjoyed making appliques, that here is  Dobby The Third cushion.

I love the way the individual batik fabrics create slightly different looks between each caricature of the Elf. In true home made fashion, no hand created piece looks the same!

The outer border has been made in a glittery fairy frost fabric to match the finger snap indicating magic. The original border fabric I used was a licensed Harry Potter digital print, and it is no longer available in Australia. I found it in the U.S. But by the time the dollar is converted and shipping is added, it would be $40 Australian per yard. (yard!!)

And so, I am saving the tiny skerricks I have left of that gorgeous print for my own future projects. I suspect the shreds I have left will be those tiny pieces that don't get used for a long time as they are saved for something special. Hmm... what to do....

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