Thursday, 27 November 2008

Power down! It's the wrong trousers!

Well, no power at home this morning means no picture of the little bird stitchery destined to become a cushion.

It also meant no coffee, no hairdryer and the wrong trousers.

I couldn't iron the lightweight pants and top I wanted to wear for the 30C day today... so I am wearing 3/4 jeans. Definitely the wrong trousers Grommet!!

It's okay. I have had a coffee at work, and I will share the bird stichery tomorrow.

Until then, let's be grateful for power, computers, digital cameras and coffee makers. VBG


Made by Andrea said...

Oh bother! "Not happy Jan" when things don't go well for the start of the day. The anticipation of waiting for the picture will make it so much better. Hugs, Andrea

Maree said...

Hello have come accross your blog...from Gallery...just thought I'd pop in & say hello...will visit again...Nice Blog..