Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Christmas Cookie Bag

My local quilting group are making goody bags for our Kris Kringle exchange in December.

Two members are currently long-distance and need to see how to make the Christmas Cookie Bag, so I am going to show them here, but you could use the instructions too if you like it!!

First, cut out 2 circles (trace around bread and butter plates) of a foam placemat or template plastic or discarded x-ray film, and cut 4 circles of wadding the same size.

Sandwich each plastic circle between 2 pieces of wadding and glue in place. Then glue a small square of fabric into the centre as shown in the picture (you can fussy cut a nice picture if you like). The fabric will show in the yo-yo "hole". You only need to stick a picture on one side of each sandwich.

Next, cut 2 circles of fabric by tracing around dinner plates. Fold in a 1/4 inch seam allowance and using a hand-sewing needle and double thread use a gathering stich to make 2 really large yo-yos. As well as a knot use a back-stitch to anchor the beginning of the gathering. Before you gather the entire circle slip in one of the sandwiches so it is encased. I used stitches about 8mm long. If you use really small stitches the hole in the centre is really big.

Next, trace around a saucer to give 10 small circles of fabric to make the handle. The suffolk puffs (yo-yos) can be all one fabric, or 2 fabrics alternating etc. Make 10 suffolk puffs for the handle.

Slightly overlap the puffs and slip stitch together.

To make the gusset, cut a rectangle of plastic or placemat 13.5in x 2in. Cut 2 rectangles the same size of wadding and glue into a sandwich with the plastic in the middle.

Cut a rectangle of fabric 6in x 15in. Fold it around the plastic sandwich and glue to hold in place, then stitch securely.

Glove stitch (or could use a whip-stitch) the gusset around one large suffolk puff, then attach the other side.
The handle is attached by sewing all the way around a puff to the gusset on each side.

I haven't made the gusset yet, so I can't tell you whether the assembly is easy or not. The puffs have been easy, but I spent nearly 2 hours on it at quilting last night, and it probably needs nearly another 2 hours.

It's not something you would want to make for every friend you have at 4 hours a pop. Still, they are so cute! I will post photos of all the different fabric choices later on.


Sharyn said...

too cute to be legal!

Made by Andrea said...

Well, as long distance member, I have found fabric, template plastic and thread - so best I get stitching! I have some really nice fabric, so hopefully she'll like it and have a nice evening style bag :) Thank you for posting the instructions! Hugs, Andrea

Erzebat said...

love it! love it! I have pass this on to my quilting friends who love to make yo-yos. I myself am working on yoyo keyfobs that I found on another blog. I hope to post about it tonight. (muah) Liz