Friday, 7 November 2008

Pretzel Party time!

Well, I really opened a can of worms with my Gee's Bend post. I am sorry if anyone Sydney-siders saw it as a put-down. That was not my intention. It is my unbiased view as a visitor to Sydney.

Repeating myself, my main points were: I loved the quilts, but I would have planned my day differently if I was to do it again.

I have been so busy! I've hardly put a stitch in! Well, ok. That's not quite true. I have been working away on the French Collection applique but it looks pretty much the same as in the last post. When it looks different I will share.

I hastily prepared some stitching last weekend to take to Sydney to do at the airport. I couldn't take the Noah's Ark stitchery (see side bar) I have started - I am waiting for a new block to appear on Lynette's blog. I really just wanted one colour thread. So, I traced this off.

Actually, I traced 2 off (a little over-excited to say the least). I didn't want to run out of stitching!! As it turns out, Rosie was even more eager and she was stitching before the plane even took off. Her needle was confiscated (although she got it back as we left). That has never happened to either of us before. I suggested we wait until we are in the air next time, when they are too busy selling cups of tea.

Anyway, I thought I would make this cushion.

It's from this book by Bronwyn Hayes (who publishes under the name Red Brolly), an Australian designer. I've already stitched all the pictures for the quilt - I did them years ago. The book was re-printed this year.

I bought this pattern. Isn't it gorgeous? It's supposed to be for a Jelly Roll, but I would be just as happy if I found 40 strips 2.5 inches wide from my stash. What a fun name! Pretzel Party!!!

I hope to have some real progress to show over the weekend. I've got to do this week's sewing on the Mystey Quilt yet!!

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