Saturday, 15 November 2008


I planned to post yesterday, but Hallelujah! there was a storm with lightening, thunder and that wet stuff, what's it called again? Oh yeah, rain.

We have been on tight water restrictions for the last four years and it still hasn't rained at least the average expected rainfall in our district.

We lost a modem and answering machine another time during a storm - lightening hit the phone connection at the pole on our naturestrip!!! So, we make sure we turn as much as possible off during a storm.

I have nearly finished all the applique for the French Collection quilt. I have leaves for one corner to go, and the blue parts of the fleur de lys for another 3 corners. I should get that done tonight. The stems took a while, but I am really pleased with the contrasting colour when compared to the leaf fabric.

This is the corner I have completely finished.

I've got a virus - I've had the sore throat, headache and some nausea over the last few days. Now it is the congestion. I need something to make me feel good. Is it chocolate? (Yes, but not this time...) Know what? I just have to start making something new!! I'll show you what I get up to tomorrow!!!

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Sharyn said...

Be well my far away friend~ How big is the French Collection quilt? The applique work is lovely. Sharyn/KalamaQuilts