Thursday, 22 February 2018

Sneak peek, shoes, digital printed fabric

First show and tell today is a sneak peek at a simple quilt, featuring hydrangeas and other blooms...

I just love the colours, and have put a gorgeous green border.

 And I have another oracle card bag set that will soon be going to it's new home...

I love this Wizard of Oz concept, and I have some ideas for other applique images too. I can see this keeping me happily busy for quite some time.

Can you see the rainbow on the fabric?

And in other news, I ordered some digital printed fabric online. The bottom 2 prints were called glitter, but they are not. They are neither metallic or glittery. I am going to chuck them away. 

They actually look better in a photo than in real life. I wrote to the business that supplied them to tell them how disappointed I was in the fabric, and that if something arrives and is unexpectedly ugly they would be better to write to the customer and tell them the fabrics did not arrive, refund them their money, and at least they will reorder at a later date.

And so I have plans to paint all kinds of glittery goodness onto the egg and bunny prints, but please be warned against buying digital print fabrics online.

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