Thursday, 8 February 2018

intuitive painting

As I am preparing to make art dolls, I treated myself to some paints and pencils for the doll faces. 

Then I was inspired by the card deck, to put a large eye on the Universe fabric. The deck contains affirmations, prayers and quotes that uplift and inspire, and are basead on the book The Universe Has Your Back. 

After deciding to make an eye, the paints came out for a play... and boy is it fun to paint and craft intuitively. I had no idea what he end would turn out like or where to place the colour and highlights. 

All-seeing All-knowing EYE

But I LOVE it. I can feel another one coming on....

1 comment:

Glenda said...

What a fantastic eye love the colours I wonder where you will end up???? Keep having fun Cheers Glenda