Saturday, 24 February 2018

Easter goodies

I showed you these digital prints earlier, and now they are heavily painted with glittery and sparkly paints so that they shimmer and shine.

With Fairy Frost fabric trims for handle and top.
 I made these to be used as easter egg hunt baskets, or table toppers with artificial flowers or non-fattening gift bags.
I made two of each. Pretty cute!!!

It was quite a stressful day with huge rains that channeled into our yard... 15cm of water in the "outdoor patio kitchen and sewing" space. Thank heavens the fridges, freezer, oven and washing machine all work.

Can you see where the footings for the new house will go? The floor will be 3 metres in the air. That river can flow next year when we are up high.

With a go bag packed, nappies and wipes and clothes... we were ready to evacuate even if only walking to the neighbours on higher ground.

Next morning, the rain had abated. Ahhh, the tropics.

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