Wednesday, 3 May 2017

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Diamond Hill block 4 is progressing. As well as preparing the pieces, I have also been stitching away.

Isn't it strange how our moods strike us? Sometimes we just want to stitch, sometimes we want to prepare away so that we can watch the block form in front of us.

When this block is finished, before I start to put the blocks together with month 5 instructions, I need to make the final choice of basket fabric. I think I have it, but I am not yet sure. I also need to buy more of the dark purple grunge background fabric for the applique part of the borders. In fact, I'll also need to buy other fabric for the twinkly pieced sections. When I see the instructions I will know how much to buy.

I received the pattern for block 4 of Esther's Secret Garden BOM, which is another flower vase/vessel containing a large bloom, rose buds and ivy leaves.  After a couple of days ruminating, and especially today in the fabric shop for my social class, I scouted out some fabric.

This batik will be used for the ivy leaves. Using fabric like this will give the block a feeling of movement and twinkle factor as they appear to move across the fabric.

This feathers fabric (top in dark blue) will be for the vase. I have already decided how I will change the block into Wonderland, and these fabrics add depth and also give a beautiful twinkle. I am happy to hug my secret to myself for now. Although, I know that as soon as I start it I won't be able to help myself but share my progress.

second fabric underneath is graduated, in real life these fabrics have so much depth they look velvety (Hummingbird)

I would love to start block 4 straight away, but I am not keen to have 2 blocks from Secret Garden unfinished (block 2 just needs its quote stitched on, and to be washed, and block 3 needs a little bit of applique stitching, embroidery embellishment and its quote stitched on also). My concern is that  I would keep starting the next block, then have lots half finished.

And so it comes that the last free pattern (I think) was released for the Goblin King stitchalong at Fandom in Stitches, and I've only done about 5 of the 18 stitcheries! Oh my goodness!! I was kind of hoping the last block would be big, and it would be David Bowie as the Goblin King, but that didn't happen. Anyway, I have the rest of the year to complete the quilt.

In the meantime, I will also keep collecting patterns from Buttermilk Basin for the free BOM blocks, because free patterns I like don't always come along.

Linking up with Esther's Working on Wednesday.

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Jenny said...

Love the fabrics you hve chosen for block 4 of Secret Garden, can see the movemnent you are going to get from them, will be stunning with your unique twist added. DHill is looking good as well, lovely center flower. Going to be interesting to see what we get in part 5 and how far it takes us. Cheers Jenny