Thursday, 11 May 2017

Lots to see

Somehow I've misplaced the stitchery blocks and hoop that were in a little "go bag" to take here and there. Maybe they blew out of the car door when it opened, or maybe a certain little toddler stashed it somewhere. No doubt it will turn up.

It is getting harder to keep things out of Master 19 months' reach... there is a little story that goes something like this... a clever toddler climbed up onto a chair to reach a box of mini cupcakes, and ate 3 of them really, really fast while Daddy was in the loo. Of course, then he didn't want to eat his dinner... and as if by magic, even with all that sugar in his system, he went to sleep 2 hours early! "That's a magic baby, going to sleep with all that sugar in him" said his 7yo older brother. Heehee. Too sweet. Littlest boy is a bit under the weather, and probably wouldn't have eaten his dinner anyway.

And here he is... helping Mummy to take photos of the four Diamond Hill blocks stitched so far.

Don't put your feet on Mummy's sewing please!

These are ready for basket fabric and pieced sashings when the next part of Esther's free pattern is released in a few days.

I had planned to buy another embroidery hoop at Sewcial group (I just made that up, hahahahha, what a strange word!), but they had none left in the size I wanted, and I didn't feel like paying $20 for a hoop that was the wrong size.

What to do? Of course, start the next Secret Garden block (even though I hadn't finished the embroidery embellishments on the 3rd one.....ooooooh).

A few leaves, and a teapot, which is my variation to Esther's pattern, keeping to the Wonderland theme.

Then I started the large flower last night. And today I've basted a few things together onto the background, ready for stitching at swimming tonight.

Time to relax and stitch.. soon I hope!

Linking up to Esther's Working on Wednesdays.


Jo said...

The little ones have so much fun...

Glenda said...

Your leaves for your SG block 4 look great, looks like some else likes your DH centre too LOL Haven't started my block 4 of the SG yet. Cheers Glenda.

Afton Warrick said...

I have a 19 month old too, who would be a very likely culprit. He's so very good at climbing chairs and coffee tables, and disassembling and hiding things. He has a seven year old brother too! I love the Wonderland theme and the deep purple background.

Ann said...

They learn new skills daily and we're always so amazingly surprised. Wonder why? What a lucky fellow to grow up with quilts and a quilter in the house. My sons still love quilts.
Lovely applique.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Very pretty blocks! And lovely to have your little one "so involved" already :)

Angie in SoCal said...

The Diamond Hill blocks are awesome!