Wednesday, 24 May 2017


It's an incredibly busy week here, with my sweetheart's birthday, and our daughter turns 6, and it's MIL's Biggest Morning Tea this week as well.

Little bits of stitching are in order interspersed by huge bouts of baking. Haha! I love family life, despite its hecticicity. (I think I just made up that word, what a fun thing to say!)

A little bit of an Uh-Oh moment saw the start of embellishment on Secret Garden block 3.

adding the boingy bits out of the flower

Oh my! Will the embellishment ever end? It looks so, so good! I foresee returning to the original blocks also, to embellish and emphasise. It's going to be something that may need reigning in! We shall see.

outlining the petals

Miss almost 6 took a batch of mini chocolate cupcakes to school for her classmates (a few days early, as my way of reminding the children to ask their parents to RSVP). Vanilla icing, purple flowers, leave tip and some hologramatic sprinkles. Sooo pretty!!! After "nailing" these beginners cupcakes (guess who got cupcake decorating tips for Mother's Day??), my plans for her party cake on Saturday have escalated. Eek!

these look a bit like violets... perhaps lavender flavour next time?

Sweetheart had a big weekend at karate grading, and found himself slightly incapacitated for a few days. While he enjoyed down time, and couch time with Bub, I found myself free to machine stitch!

lots of papers to remove

Another 34 twinkles made in one day!

out of purple background fabric... back to the shop next week 

And on the next day, enough of them were joined to add two sides to each of the three remaining Diamond Hill applique blocks. These will be joined in a few days. It is crunch time in cake land here now.

These cupcakes are for MIL's Biggest Morning Tea on Saturday.

Master 7 added the ladybugs. Miss almost 6 added the silver cachous. Master 20 months dragged a chair over to the bench, stood on it, and ate 2 cupcakes while our backs were turned!!

Tomorrow I have Bub's swimming lessons, quilt show and tell coffee with a gf going overseas again on Tuesday, then grocery shopping, somehow bake 4 vanilla cakes for young Misses birthday cake design, and older children's swimming lessons! Eek! First cake will be in the oven before 8am.

Hope you are enjoying your week too!

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Home Sewn By Us said...

You have quite a few things on your plate this week! You have been busy with those twinkles - 34 in one day is great. ~smile~

Afton Warrick said...

Master 20 months--I have one of those. Sounds about right chomping down two cupcakes.

Glenda said...

Lorraine your embellishment may be taking a lot of time but oh it is so well worth it, that tulip is beautiful, still have not worked out how you get so much done for a young mumLOL CHeers Glenda

Jo said...

You can do it. If you can manage a classroom of teenagers this should be a breeze. That's what a mum is all about.... haha