Thursday, 18 May 2017

A week ahead?

Yesterday I was thinking about the three hundred and eighty something square in a square blocks to make for the Diamond Hill quilt, having made 21 in one social sewing class for the week, which left about 360 remaining to be made.

I figured at that rate, if I only machine stitched at quilt group once a week, it would take about 5 months to stitch them all.

And thank you to Plum, and a few others who commented. Yes, I am ready to embrace the slow stitching journey. So what if it takes longer than I initially thought it would. (Yes, I was hoping that a month or so after the 7th - final - instruction was issued the quilt top would be completed).

As often happens when we surrender, somehow I found myself with 2 hours extra today to machine sew.

This happened. Rain, rain, rain. Lots of it.

And a sick daughter at school that needed picking up. "Tick, tick, tick" went my brain. Hmm... sick daughter, no swimming lessons for them this afternoon.... an extra 2 hours at home for me! It's raining, Daddy won't be working in the yard or the garden...

So while Daddy went off to early school pickup, and bub was in bed after wearing himself out at his swimming lessons this morning, I set up the sewing machine. Yippee!

Before I knew it, I had been at the machine for about 2 hours. Eep. Sewing in the kitchen, I had to quickly pack everything away off the dinner preparation area, and the dining table. Quick home made chicken noodle soup. I was sorted!

Another 20 blocks made! I kind of feel like I am now a week ahead.

If I made 20 blocks in 2 hours at home, should I up my goals to 30 in the next sewing class, now that I know what I am doing? Calm down Lorraine. Steady, steady, steady. I guess I am just excited.

I need 32 twinkly square in a square blocks towards the border of one applique centre block. Effectively, I have made 41 out of 128 centre twinkles, and then I need 96 for the next inner border.

41 out of 128 is about a third of them made for the next section. Ah, that sounds much more achievable. Slowly, slowly, setting goals, reaching them, and dividing the large project into smaller chunks. This is how we do it.

41 square in a squares made. One and a half bobbins of thread used.

It will be interesting to see how much dark purple background fabric I will actually need. So far I bought an initial 1 metre for the applique blocks, then another 1 metre to start the square in a squares and next border. There is a bit of wastage with foundation piecing, but generally the pieced blocks are looking good so far.

I've only had these instructions for three days. I hope I feel just as excited next time I've got these out to work on.

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Glenda said...

A fun post I enjoyed reading it and you sure are on a swing LOL Cheers Glenda