Saturday, 10 December 2016

Thank you for my sewing machine

I am so grateful to have my sewing machine back, safe and sound! Mmmm.. the smell of fresh oil.. the whirr of a freshly timed and treated motor... ooh.. it's purring!

You deserve it my darling machine! You've done a lot of work in 12 years - just look at the list of finished projects down the side of the blog!

The Janome machine needed a new bobbin case. It was jamming as it turned, and the needle was punching a hole in the plastic bobbin case. This has happened about 4 or 5 times before. So, I asked the mechanic what causes it.

Here's your tip for a machine with a drop load bobbin (such as Janome and Brother) rather than a separate bobbin case (such as Bernina machines): When changing to a different coloured bobbin cut the thread very very short, right next to the bobbin. If you don't, the bobbin case can lift slightly while the used bobbin is removed, bending something underneath, so that it doesn't move freely and jams. The bobbin case can also lift if there is a thread jam. No sewing if the bobbin case has lifted! Take the cover plate off, clean everything out, and replace the bobbin case nice and flat before sewing once again.

And now, let's see the applique blocks pieced together.

I am just so pleased with the effect of the sashing and cornerstones already.

The minty green fabric in the following border is a little bit frosted, and will be repeated in the quilt.

Oh! How satisfying it is to see this quilt come together, that only yesterday was a pile of blocks under my bed.

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