Tuesday, 27 December 2016

SEX and another runner

Hahahaha! Don't be fooled by the title of the post! SEX is Stash Enhancement eXpedition... and yep, another QAYG tablerunner.

I was up early, out and about in the sales this morning. I only went to one shop! I was in there one and a half hours! I think it must have been the sales assistant's first week on the job... bless her...

Last night I was swanning around on here feeling awake and inspired when I should have been sleeping. *hand slap*. Somehow I found a swag of free redwork and Christmas stitcheries by Bronwyn Hayes of Red Brolly. I downloaded all the PDFs and went to bed with redwork in my head.

I love sewing and making, and quilters are usually so giving that we give a lot away... (for example, out of 6 tablerunners I am making, one is for me). but I have decided to be good to myself, to love myself more, and that means to make more for me.

If I am going to make a little ornament for someone else, I am also going to keep one. That's my new rule. And to celebrate, I found this little Santa ornament stitchery also by Red Brolly. And... this tree skirt on the moda bakeshop site.

That was it! I was inspired to get out of the house early, and got to the Spotlight Christmas clearance before it opened. We were accidental earlybirds! Oh my goodness! I've never been to the frenzied after Christmas sales before, and luckily it wasn't too bad. Actually, I might have been the one everyone was talking about afterwards that was taking all the sales assistant's time!

With Christmas redwork on my mind, It should be no surprise that I bought stacks of these fat quarters. Silver and gold on white in FQs and red and cream scandi FQs.

An absolute bargain, it worked out at $4 per metre.

Keeping in mind Jo's recommendation to buy on sale, and use it throughout the year, I bought a stack of tea towels.

Such a big stack they are nearly falling over. 

Under $5 for a pack of three high quality tea towels. Ooh! I am going to be looking for tea towel projects. Do you know of any? Jo directed me towards some aprons and I found a pattern here. There are so many tea towels. I won't want to make quite that many aprons, even though I do seem to have a run on a particular project now and then (see sidebar for mini quilts, oven mitts, journal covers, 12 FQ quilts, QAYG runners... you get my drift?) . Any other ideas?

Ribbons on sale, I thought would be useful for apron strings and Christmas tree skirt ties. Ah. And can you see the batting I went in to buy? It's there in the back left corner. Ooh, and on the right you can see a Christmas mug. A couple of those went into the stash, a mug and mug bag can be useful gifts.

Coloured homespun to use with the Star Wars and Motorbike fabrics I already have under the bed.

And I became quite excited about these napkins. At under $5 for a pack of 4, with a bit of redwork on them I thought they would be very special gifts.

Honestly, I don't think I bought myself anything much. Except for my new rule to make one for me!

It's all still Christmas, Christmas, Christmas in my brain!

And then here is the fourth QAYG tablerunner finished so far. I pieced fabrics from the panel to create the centre.

Now I have more batting I can start two more. ... as soon as I finish googling for tea towel projects!


Bizarre Quilter said...

Oh! A pinafore made from a tea towel.

Bizarre Quilter said...

Ooh! hat

Bizarre Quilter said...

Dilly bag

Bizarre Quilter said...

kitchen dress

Bizarre Quilter said...


Bizarre Quilter said...

sweetie bag

Jo said...

Haha. You are on a roll.
Good to see you did some fantastic shopping. I saw that fabric too and loved it. I wanted the white/cream background ones. But I said no.... not at the moment. I do have a full tub of Xmas fabrics...
Gee I get the blame for a lot don't I.... happy stitching

Jo said...

What about a placemat with matching cloth napkin or a mug rug/coaster set. A mug bag.... or a sewing machine mat with pockets or a sewing machine cover....