Friday, 9 December 2016

A bit of deliciousness

Ooh! What do we have in this bag?

It all started this morning when I met my best local quilty gf for coffee before she goes away over Christmas. I was gathering my show and tell, and came across some blocks I made some time ago. I guess I have been making them for a couple of years now. I started them in 2013 when I was living in a caravan and storage space was short.

 The applique blocks were prepared from Lori Smith patterns and Kaffe and friends fabrics in my stash, and they came along for the ride.

I was showing my cross-stitch progress to Su, and some more crocheted snowflakes (feeling a bit bored with those now), then out came the applique blocks. We counted how many were finished and thought about how they might be arranged. The Indian wedding is on today. I felt like making a quilt for the couple rather than giving one I'd already made. Bright colours are definitely their taste. Yes! I felt inspired! My sewing mojo is here!

So at lunch today, I drew on the back of a free calendar while sipping ice coffee. Here is a possible layout.

Fabric requirement calculations.

Right, now all I need is 20-30 minutes in the quilt shop. The fabrics I chose seemed to work.

Usually I prefer to make the centre of the quilt, then audition the next fabrics when the design radiates from the centre, but the quilt shop is 40 minutes away and it might close over Christmas JUST when I am keen to get my sewing thongs (not boots) on. I bought all the fabrics.

I've trimmed down the applique blocks, cut sashing and cornerstones.... and decided to write a tutorial on how to accurately centre and trim odd sized applique blocks. I have included it as a separate post.

Here are the trimmed blocks.

Tomorrow I get to pick up my fixed machine, Yay!! I can feel another "sewing retreat" weekend coming on!

Delicious fabric before it got the chop.

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