Monday, 29 June 2015

I was diddled!

This week I've been diligently stitching the cross-stich for this cushion cover. I wanted to give it as a gift this coming weekend. I hoped to finish it last night, then post it today.
 But noooo..... the kit did not supply enough yarn... and darned it if it's acrylic not wool. I feel diddled!
 Can you see the "bald patches"?

I thought I'd cut it down smaller. But my Sweetheart has been watching me stitch, and he says "No flipping way are you cutting half of it off. You've spent hours on that. Just go and buy some matching wool."

Ah. That's an idea. Spotlight had no tapestry wool skeins (oh my, it must be really out of fashion these days).
I found some 100% wool that is only 8 ply (needs to be about 12 ply), and is kind of the same colour. I am hoping that if I double the wool, it won't be very noticeable as it's on the outer edge.

This fabric was in the furnishings remnants, and I think will be smashing for the back, with a zipper closure. Shopping today also included the cushion insert.

It's sooo close to being finished my fingers are itching! Alas, at night time, I am better off hand sewing, and this evening I worked on the Swedish Baby Quilt once again, (another "deadline"). Oh dear. How do we create such deadlines for ourselves?

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