Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Sew much to show and tell

What a fab weekend we had at Magnetic Island. How wonderful to have uninterrupted sewing time!
Two frames were added to "My Love Horsies". The yellow chain extends beyond the blocks now, and is much more effective.
The Nature side of "My Love Horsies" was pieced. The blue frames allow the panel pieces to float. I am very happy with the way the fabrics have combined, even though they could have been a jumbled mess. I think the large pieces were the key.
It's not really the Reverse side, or the Back, as the quilt is designed to be double sided. Shelley can choose whether she wants the whimsical side or the Nature side up on her bed. I think she may have to wait a year or so before the quilt goes on her bed, as she was colouring in her sheets with texta colours last week. I am not so sure I want her to be colouring in a specially made quilt!
The holiday house at Magnetic Island.
This was the $5 optional project - chicken in a tutu. I've fused it on to stitch later. I think I'll use it as a cover for a project folder. The suprise theme for the weekend was chickens!
And an update on my Baby Quilt. 8 blocks completed. Next I need to start joining them, as I might only need some half blocks to obtain the desired size. I hope to have my Baby Quilt finished in the next 2 weeks, then finish the Swedish Baby Quilt for my sister. Her shower is about a month away.

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