Tuesday, 16 June 2015

It's been such a leisurely week working on the quilt for my baby. I haven't felt the need to rush. There have been no deadlines. Ahhh.

Then I came to the point where I wondered quite how to complete the corners. Will I do half flowers? Will there be half hexies? Will I applique the edge to strips of straight fabric?

And I kind of slowed down.... did some knitting on my baby's cardigan.

Then I thought to myself: "Hey, Lorraine. Your sister's baby shower is only a few weeks away, and you were going to finish the cross-stitch cushion for a gift in early July. And what about the cot bumpers you've started on the sewing machine? The sewing machine will go away for a few months in a short while." Then my Sweetheart started tripping on the handles of the quilt bag under our bed that contains the Colour Me Happy quilt for the new MIL. Hmm... I need to trim the quilt and add the binding.

And so I will need to shelf my baby quilt for a little while... *sigh*

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