Thursday, 9 July 2015

Rugging up

It's the middle of winter, and I am so happy in sunny Queensland where the days are mid 20s. We rarely wear jumpers or jeans. This means our baby born in October (mid Spring) won't need lots of knitted items, and will need few layers of clothes and bunny rugs.
Muslin Wraps - the Queensland bunny rug

Babies still like to be swaddled to feel secure and enclosed. So I've made these muslin wraps. Pictured are 9, and with 3 others gives a total of 12. 

That should be enough, to lose the occasional one if it blows off a pram when being used for shade, or to have spares in case of nappy blow outs.

It feels time to be preparing for Bub well and truly. 

All I had to do was buy metre lengths of muslin, trim the outside, and zigzag the raw edge.

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