Monday, 27 July 2015

More Baby sewing

It feels so good to be behind the wheel of the sewing machine again.... I am dreaming of a sewing studio for next year... ooh! How wonderful! I won't have to pack everything up all the time!

Quite excitedly I anticipate a design wall and plenty of storage and display space as well as natural light, and air conditioning (a necessary here in Far North Queensland).

I have a wish list of sewing to-dos before baby arrives and the sewing machine and all that goes with it go away... I wonder just how much will be finished in time....

I made 12 very absorbent baby bibs from one towel, with ribbing and binding on the edges... such a joy to prepare bright and colourful wearables for my little one on the way!

It gives me great joy to make something useful and decorative.

Next year I will be decorating my studio and our new home.... I hope to have lots of finishes to show and tell.

For now, I shall have a rummage to see what I feel like making next.

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