Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Sort of, bananas

So, you might have noticed I'd been a bit quiet on the blogging front for a couple of years. And during that time I moved interstate, and completely transformed my life.

So, now that I am settled in my new home town, I am excited to announce the finding of my new LQS! It would be a delight if I could work there sometime... you never know!

I did take time out on my own today for a few hours, and enjoyed the solace of choosing fabrics, from a range I love at excellent prices. I think they've made a friend in me!

I've kind of put myself under the pump a bit. Last week I realised we had been invited to the Christening of my Sweetheart's niece, well our niece of course. And they've got everything that opens and shuts... but I am not sure whether they have a baby quilt. The Christening is less than two weeks away. So I've chosen a pretty easy idea of an Irish Chain using these pretty monkey fabrics. Why haven't I started it yet? I don't yet have my rotary cutter, rulers and mats in this state. I've made a new sewing buddy and I am going to her place tomorrow to use hers. I am going to cut and sew as much as I possibly can!
I've chosen Emma Louise vanilla quilters muslin to go with it.
Then I saw this beautiful piece of multi colour batik. One metre for $10 (half price). So I bought it for the back, along with two other pieces I shall splice in.

Adding to that, I bought some yellow Shadowplay to go with this little 1930s jelly roll to make a baby quilt (Irish Chain again I think) for me. Yes. I am having my own baby. And it's exciting to be sewing for me. I am trying to make sure I sew for our two little babes before I sew for the baby to be sure they feel included. I don't mind if there are flowers in the quilt, even though we don't know if we are having a boy or girl (we love surprises!) And the little duckies for the back.

While in the quilt shop I saw this gorgeous layer cake "color me happy". Aha! That will be perfect for my new mother in law. She was looking at buying a cheap foreign made "quilt" recently, and I said "Noooo. I will make you one." I thought I'd make the Persian Tiles quilt I've made several times. I love it, and it showcases the fabrics.
Alas, there was no matching jelly roll. So I calculated how many fabrics I'd need and found 16 different ones. I love the busy effect when they splash together.
This is for the border and binding. Ooh. My fingers are itching!
So, you see, I have put myself quite under the pump. Mum is coming here in 3 weeks. If I can get the Christening quilt finished within a week I will be pretty happy with that. In the meantime I need to work on the horses quilt, and I would love to get Color Me Happy made and posted to Mum for quilting so she can bring them up with her... Plus, I'd love to finish a baby quilt for my sister who is also expecting her first baby.

Hmm... I am going to be sewing my heart out for the next couple of weeks.

See you when I am on the other side!

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