Monday, 27 April 2015

Chances and Dreams

There's still a chance The Horsey Quilt will be made in time for Mum to quilt it before leaving on her holiday.

The remaining 6 pieced blocks have been stitched. They will not be joined next to each other like this, and so there should be a chain effect in the yellow.

The borders for the applique blocks have been cut out of the black strips in the batik jelly roll. And tomorrow I plan to sew, sew, sew to complete the front of the quilt.

Sewing with Su on Thursday, I plan to make the back of the double sided quilt. The final plan is not yet decided, as the size of the front is still unknown. I will use as much of the fabric I have, as long as it looks good. These are the last bits of the jelly roll, and I've cut some whimsical horse prints into strips as well.

Then, we had a visit today from very good friends that are having their baby girl in about 7 weeks... and I am thinking I might make the Lucky Ducky quilt for them. (I know! That was going to be for my baby!!)

And still yet, I am dreaming about the Swedish inspired quilt for my sisters baby. ("What Swedish baby quilt is that?" I can read your mind!)

I recently subscribed to a magazine Sandra showed me when I visited her last January. "Simply Vintage" by the makers of "Quiltmania". Ohhhhh... the projects are so gorgeous!

I found this naive folkish applique in my first copy, and thought it would be lovely for my sister!

Then I started to think about her tastes and experiences, and I know I really need to put some of her Swedish lifestyle into it, and some music... And so I will keep the pieced background idea, and the outer bias vines, then find some Swedish folkish motifs to applique, and mix in some music stuff.

I thought I might use these:

 These are leftover fabrics from the Colour Me Happy quilt and some batiks from the Horsey Quilt's jelly roll. Not a bit of pink in sight (sister hates pink), but fun and bright for a baby of any gender. All I need to buy at this stage is 40cm of cream background, and something to cut on the bias for the vines.

My mind must be going a million miles an hour with so many projects to plan, and still, there is my own baby quilt to make! I have another 20 or so weeks to work it out.... hopefully I will have decided by then!

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