Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Horsing around

The centre blocks of Colour Me Happy are assembled. Tomorrow I will be at a friend's house to cut my way into a fabric frenzy once again. Borders are to be measured and cut.
Its turned out to be a really good size. It covers the centre of the queen bed, and with borders will hang down. I think I have enough fabric to make pillow cases which would be nice. Note to self: check if the pillows are standard size on their bed.
 And I've finally figured out how to cut out and put together the front of the horsey quilt.
 Here are the next 3 blocks giving a total of 8 blocks, which is all I need, interspersed with pieced blocks.
 I've started another block and will turn it into a pillow case.
Tomorrow, I cut pieces for the blocks. Oh my! I've got to get these quilts to Mum pretty fast!!

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