Thursday, 30 April 2015

Sewing with Su and the week ahead

It's time for a "Thursdays with Su" sewing day update!

Mum has definitely decided she is leaving on Monday, so I've put the brakes on the horsey quilt...

Here's the front of the quilt so far... I'm LOVING it! There's more to add on, and beautiful horse prints to make the back of the quilt. I need to be in the right mood to design a layout, and that will come.

Su and I enjoyed a lovely day of planning next projects and starting new ones... (What!!??? New projects??)

We are going on retreat to Magnetic Island in June for 3 nights, and at this stage I think I'll take the Double Wedding Ring for my sister (still to be cut out on the AccuQuilt), a small project we found to make an ironing mat that folds up into an iron carrybag, and I guess some handwork - perhaps it will be some handwork for my own baby quilt.

Today I pieced the background for the Swedish Baby Quilt for my sister, and made the 1/2inch vine around the outside. 

This is going to be a relatively small baby quilt.  I have other quilts she can use when the babe is bigger.

And I started some stitcheries from Bronwyn Hayes' book "Little Chicken Feather" that will be used in Nat and Cat's baby girl quilt (quilt required in only 6 weeks)!! Eek! So much to do!

The best thing is I feel so inspired reading others' blogs and sharing projects with Su. Feeling wonderful!!

This week is hand work week. The machine is going away, and it's time to applique the Swedish Baby Quilt, stitch the Baby Girl Quilt, and finish off crocheted blankies that are nearly done.

Inspiration come at me for my own baby quilt!!! Sometimes there is too much to choose from... I haven't even decided between bright or soft. *sigh*


Jo said...

I'm sure the right design will come to you when you are ready....
What a lovely place to go to for a retreat...

Bizarre Quilter said...

I think it's coming Jo... Ideas are here! Woohoo!