Monday, 13 March 2017

Striping bluebells

I spent a few days making stripey bluebells for Secret Garden block 2 and pondering what else to add to my block.

What kind of bird?

Flamingo or Dodo?
After a good googling, I found this Flamingo on a free colouring page.

bird is a winner

It's worked out to be a great size and pose... it's going to stand on the end of the genie slipper pot holder, with embroidered legs. It doesn't interfere with the orange and purple flowers, and I plan to balance the bright pinky orange with the large leaves on the left.

I've added the leaves.

need to change leaves

The overall colour is right, although it could be more vivid, but it's too patterned. The leaf fabric needs to be changed over. I'm kind of glad, because this fabric will make gorgeous fussy cut leaves on another block where they can really star.

need to change over the large leaves, add more bluebells and stitch, stitch, stitch

Perhaps tonight, the block will be all basted ready to stitch.

I hope so!


Jo said...

That's a bit of hand stitching but I do love the flamingo

9658 Textiles said...

Wow, this is starting to come together. Thank you for sharing your process. It is fascinating and fabulous!