Thursday, 9 March 2017

Slipper Day

It's been a cooler day here today.. after 2 days of temperatures raging at "feel like" 41 degrees celcius with 70% humidity, we had rain most of the day today... Ahhh... and it's cooler now.. only one air conditioner going...

Makes me want to wear my slippers, eat a hot meal (as opposed to fruit, yoghurt and salads), and drink cups of tea. Ahhh. What a perfect day to get into some applique!

And it was!
This morning my block looked like this:
Large genie-lamp-planter filled with pebbles

Perhaps the foreground object on the left is a slice of agate?

I wasn't sure if I liked the colour yet, but I definitely liked the stripey type of batik fabric for it. Maybe I would need a light grey and white version.

After morning swimming lessons for 17 month old Bub (Oh my goodness! He is growing so much! And suddenly he tries to do almost anything! Counting on his fingers; picking up the dishcloth, lifting his t-shirt and wiping his tummy, then wiping a  chair; trying to wipe his own bottom during nappy changes; "washing" dishes in his water play table)...  he was sleepy...

Mummy (that's me) got to play with fabric and work out some more colour choices for Secret Garden block 2. Yippee!

At the end of the first nap I'd played with fabrics for 40 minutes, and hadn't even cut anything out! It really does take concentration in your slippers!

Because it was raining so much, Daddy took all the children to the afternoon swimming lessons, and I got to stay home on my own, and..... play with fabric again! Yay! But this time, I was ironing solid!

Check it out...

Loving the look of the block so far.

The agate seems to work well, and I like the colour of the bluebell stems in the limey green much more now that the other flowers are on, and have a bit of that limey green in them.

Fabric used for the large flowers (Kaffe Fassett Collective).

Fabric used for the stripey flowers (Tula Pink Slow and Steady).

Still need to work out leaves in the centre. The bottom right flower is not glued on yet, because I need to work it around the bird. (Which will be a pink flamingo, my variation on the block designed by Esther, as I am inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

Surely this garden is psychadelic enough, and I didn't even have to get high to imagine it as Lewis Carroll has described it!

Also need to think on what quote to stitch onto the block.

After a HUGE day of fabric choices, my brain feels like mush. Really, more like a super mush. Do my eyes look bleary.

Thank goodness for my fluffy slippers. They really do help.


Pam said...

Your block is fabulous. The use of applique and Kaffe is perfect. The little black flowers with their different colored buds, the agate, and the fabric choice for the inside of the genie slipper are just wonderful and I like how you choose bluish for your leaves and stems.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

This is looking wonderful! I love the little Tula flowers, perfect!

Jo said...

Great progress