Thursday, 22 January 2009

Finish #1 for 2009

The French Collection quilt

I actually finished this quilt 2 days ago... but haven't been able to get onto the computer!! LOL!!

The close-up above gives a better idea of how good the quilt looks in real life. When the images is smaller (as below) it loses a little bit.

This last picture shows the overall look before binding and buttons.
Now I am working on a new series of stitcheries with buttons "The 1950's collection". I am nearly finished the stitching!!


Fay said...

Just lovely Lorraine. If you should find it doesn't suit your decor, I could find a spot for it in mine!


He's great and so cute with those lovely buttons!


Anonymous said...

Oh... this is lovely. I've bought this for Mum but she's yet to start any of the blocks... though she loves inspecting all the gorgeous buttons each month..will have to show her the photo to motivate her..Frou

Unknown said...

What a Beautiful much work and the Buttons really make it..

Karen said...

Just lovely! All that wonderful stitching. I love it.

Anonymous said...