Saturday, 26 July 2008

My Official Wedding Quilt

I have been talking about my Baltimore Album WIP as though it is my Wedding quilt. That's not strictly true. I already have a Wedding quilt. It has been on our bed since our wedding day, and it is so beautiful! It was secretly made for me by my Mum and my dear friends Rosie, Sandra, Annette and Andrea (who is currently living in Germany). There was much secret posting here and there!!

I want to finish my Baltimore Album to commemorate my Wedding. I started it about 4 years ago! Trying to keep myself going with an intensive project I used Elly Sienkiewicz books from the Club library to distribute one pattern every 2 months to members of the Club. Then, I slowed down.

More to come on that.

Mum came over last night and we are off the the group Christmas in July function today. I have finished the miniature including the label (photo tomorrow).

Last night I machined together pieces of a small Christmas quilt. I thought I might machine quilt it today at the Club function, but I have changed my mind. I don't think there will be much room. I dug out my Piecemakers Barns quilt. I have already cut out all fabrics. I am going to free-machine embroider them today. What a good idea when I have a block of time at the machine!!!

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Quiltycat said...

Can you post a pic of the whole wedding quilt please? C