Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Baltimore Album - My Wedding Quilt

I finished the quilting, binding and embellishing on the miniature quilt challenge ready for Saturday's "Christmas In July" reveal. Now I need to do the "label with a big impact" as directed by the Christmas Elves. I will not reveal the completed quilt until Saturday as it is supposed to be a surprise!
As I couldn't work on the label last night at our quilting group I thought about the Lucinda's Needle fabric. It is calling to me! My quilt design has space for applique blocks, I designed a lovely old-fashioned rose yesterday... Then I looked at the design I made on EQ - I need to make 12 applique blocks the same! Well, that has put me off that for a while.

I thought, if I am going to immerse myself in applique, shouldn't I finish a WIP/UFO?

I dug out my Baltimore Album blocks. I have set my deadline for the 5th January 2009 - my first wedding anniversary.

This was not the first block I made, but it does need some embroidery embellishment, so I worked on it last night and will work on it today (if I get a chance in my lunch break).

I am going to use my daily blog entry (I wonder if I will keep it up) to spur me on and finish things!!

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