Sunday, 20 July 2008

The Christmas Elves

Hi, This is my first ever post to my blog. I love reading quilter's blogs. It's so inspiring. I have so much to learn about posting. I just tried to post a blog in the "about me" section! Please stick with me while I improve the look and feel of my blog.

It has been a cold, rainy Winter day here and I have been madly working in a miniature quilt challenge item. Last Christmas all members of my local quilting group were given a parcel by "The Christmas Elves". The parcel contained small pieces of fabrics to be used in a miniature quilt: with 2 borders and measuring between 12" and 20" square. The mini quilt has to be finished by next Saturday for our Christmas in July function. Last Friday I had sewn the centre (the bit that looks like clam shells).

I tried making Dresden Plate for the first time - in miniature?? How mad was I? Suffice to say, there are improvements to be made.... To cut a long story short, I did not make a semi-circle, I made quarter circles and appliqued them on, then joined seams. This means the "spokes" (is that the right word) don't quite match up at some points.. so I will need to cover them up with something. Suffolk puffs? Buttons? Ribbon? They can't stay like this, and I don't have time to unpick and re-do.

Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

welcome to blogging, it is a bit addictive,vbg.


Esther said...

Welcome to blogland...
Love your Christmas Quilt

Christine said...

Yes, you're totally insane to make a Dresden block for the first time in miniature!! Seriously you did pretty well, I have the same problem in full scale. Try making some small suffolk puffs using a 10c piece as your template, and scatter them around as well as using them to hide your not-quite-meeting points. They'll be a highlight rather than a cover-up then. Good luck with the blogging, it's very addictive,
Christine in Sydney 2 with 3 of my own and contributing to a few more.
etc. etc.