Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Working it

It's the school holidays here, which means so many of our regular family commitments aren't running. It is just what I need to get up to speed with my stitching goals.

I love the stripey batik for the daisies

Diamond Hill block 3 has begun!

I made all these flower petals before checking how they looked on the background fabric. Oops. They looked a bit dark until I took a photo. Then I could easily see where the flowers stopped and the background started. If I feel unsure later, I can always embroider a line around the outside edge of each petal.

Next: stems and leaves

The petals are a little bit too long, and will need trimming before stitching down. My plan is to have all of this block prepared by the end of Saturday.

Slowly, slowly, the bluebells on Secret Garden block 2 have been stitched on. Working on one little section at a time really helped with motivation. I finished a section with the embroidered stems. Looking at it and patting it was just the right incentive to keep going.
It makes such a difference to have the bluebells stitched down. The block feels soft!

Next the flamingo legs need to be embroidered, and one more little fabric bluebell stalk needs to be made. Then, 6 more bluebells (or stripebells in my case) need to be prepared. And I still plan to change the large pink leaves to a different fabric.
your chance to "virtual pat" the stripebells

By Saturday night I hope to have completely finished Secret Garden block 2, and fully prepared Diamond Hill block 3, and stitched at least one more side onto the binding on Time For Love (still two sides to go).


dq said...

Your latest diamond hill block is so stunning! I would love to do a striped fabric for my flowers, but I don't have any that goes with my stash for this project. Perhaps I will piece them.

9658 Textiles said...

Agggh!!! I love this quilt! I love seeing the progress! I love all the details! Thank you for sharing the journey with us :)

Jo said...

You are doing a great job Lorraine. It's amazing how those colours are all working well together.