Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Just a few more days

I've been feeling really good about my progress as lots and lots of this block (Secret Garden block 3 with my own Wonderland modification) is now stitched down.

this section is all stitched down

I was working on it at sewing group today when I thought "Ooh! I might have this finished in two days". Then I saw that I still need to fix the stem I unpicked near the cat's head.

I wondered if I should put in another leaf near the stem (have now decided No, as the stem on the left side is kind of bare). Maybe I will put a smile on the tiger to make it look more like a Cheshire cat? (No, it's beautiful just as it is).

More stitching and fixing to do on this side

Then there is embroidery to do on the flowers. Ooh! And the little appliqued circles coming out of the protea-ish flowers.

And then I'd like to embroider a quote onto the background.

Leaves, flower, and pot to be stitched

Well, that sounds like more than two days work stitching. Hopefully I will be finished it by the 1st of May when the next block comes out.

If you haven't seen the wide variety of fabric and colour choices used by other quilters with these patterns, you can see them on (the designer) Esther's facebook group page.

I am totally loving the fabrics on this quilt. So much fun and variation. There is no chance to be bored with the stitching.

I am also pretty pleased with my goal setting, to try to keep up with the 2 heavily appliqued BOMs. I am a bit behind on the stitchery blocks, but I feel certain I will catch up and complete the quilt by the end of this year. Especially if I keep up with Diamond Hill until July when the last block is released.
After Diamond Hill is released, I am looking forward to making a softie of some kind. Perhaps a toy or decoration. I also know I'll have to make it along with a friend for motivation and encouragement. When this block is finished I'll have a rummage in my pattern stash.

Linking up with Esther's blog today for Working on Wednesdays.


9658 Textiles said...

Wow! I can't get over the fabrics in this piece. I can't wait to see the whole thing come together! it is really fun watching the bits and pieces. I am also looking forward to the construction of the softie! :D

Maria said...

Yes the fabrics are just fantastic... can't wait to see it together..

Jenny said...

Great to see more photo's of your lovely block and the fab fabrics you have used.
Looking forward to seeing what you do with block 4.