Monday, 6 February 2017

I lost a bolt of fabric

Lost: 13 metre bolt of Vanilla quilter's muslin.

Yes. Somewhere in the small space I keep all my sewing stuff, I have misplaced an entire bolt of fabric. Hahahahahahaha!

I have no doubts it will turn up. As you can imagine, keeping all your stash and equipment in a small space means that it is haphazardly stacked. Perhaps there was a PIG (Projects in Grocery Sack) landslide, and the bolt was buried! It's too heavy for Master 16 months to have hidden somewhere... and that means, it will turn up.

It also means that I can give myself permission NOT to catch up on the three Goblin King stitcheries I haven't done yet (they need to be traced onto Vanilla muslin to match the others), before I start Esther's Secret Garden.


Because here is my perfectly imperfect first block for Diamond Hill.

It still needs the basket, but I think I will choose that fabric later.


Jo said...

What a buggar. Don't lose your mojo though. Make sure you find that fabric...

Warm Quilts said...

It will be interesting to read where you found your muslin. Your Diamond Hill block is beautiful!

Jenny said...

Your Diamond Hill block is gorgeous, love the colours you have chosen.
That much fabric can't have gone far, love to know where you find it.