Thursday, 2 February 2017

Getting organised, and organising a Trip.

I came across this idea of keeping scraps tidy from Lori Holt's blog.

source: beeinmybonnetco (click link above)

I used to keep my stash in colours, then in boxes of themes...but it became really messy...

 It's kind of funny. Once a fat quarter has a hole in it, even though it's meant to take up less space, it just doesn't fold up neatly enough or squash as much, and inevitably, fabric that has been cut into and is all wrinkled takes up more space.

After that I started to use up the themed fabrics on the back. Perhaps a bit of piecing with the colours and some large pieces..

Lori's picture above reminded me of the newer way I had been storing leftovers/scraps. I leave them in the themes and place them flat in a ziploc bag.

When I was making this 1950s dresses quilt, I bought a bag of someone else's scraps for the frames. They were tossed in all kinds of directions in the bag. After I added the frames I placed the leftover strips, pressed and neat into a ziploc bag.

The leftover strips just talked to me! I could see them through the clear plastic, and they were not ready to be lost in the boxes of scraps that naturally accumulate.

They just had to be made into this tablecentre.

I used a recycled bandana for the backing, and quilted it.

In the end there were only tiny, tiny scraps left of these fun fabrics.

With that in mind, I was thinking about processing some of my leftover bits to create strips. I would love to make one of these.

source: renegade quilter (click link above)

A scrappy Trip Around The World. I have some lovely fabrics to use, and so all I need is a tutorial.

Ooh, look at that. I found one.

Now, it's just a matter of choosing scale. Cut strips in 2.5in, 2in, or 1.5in?

Either way, it's just another way of getting organised.


Kate @ Smiles From Kate said...

You sound very organised, my leftovers are just thrown into a box, or three, or four, and I do find them hard to use like that, maybe I should cut them all up into strips and squares, I'm sure I would use them more. Thanks for the link, I need to have a think about this one.

kiwikid said...

Your scraps look very organised Lorraine, mine are just in bags too. The round the world quilt will be amazing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lorraine ,wow you are so clever,lots of beautiful work you have done.