Saturday, 28 March 2015


Even though they are not quite finished, Shelley and Rhette needed to snuggy under their blankies...
 both feeling a bit under the weather, and really, it's all a crafter asks for is her creations to be used, loved and appreciated.

 Here is a pic of the robot and dinosaur bunting hanging in situ.
And even though I'd love to get them finished, (and the purple one on the couch which is for my sister expecting her first baby), the mailman brought the horse fabrics to make my little girl's quilt.... and I'm going to try to whip up an original double sided quilt in the next couple of weeks - so that I can post it to Mum to quilt before she leaves (3000km from here) to drive here for a visit. I'm keen!

Better get a move on.... I'll keep you posted...

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