Wednesday, 25 March 2015

A little distraction

At the same time as juggling deadlines for the July cushion, I am trying to finish two crochet blankets. When will they be finished? Er. How long is a piece of wool. No really, I want to use as much of the wool as possible. So I will make them as large as possible.
 I've just joined on another piece to Shelley's blanket, and it is now doubled in size. It's just big enough to go over her body. Really needs to be bigger. Of course, ends must also be sewn in.
I am loving the variegated yarn. I would be bored silly making the same block over and over if not for the colour changes.

I'd better get cracking on Rhette's blanky now. I need to finish them at the same time you see... siblings. ;)

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