Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Cats and Dogs

Well, what a strange combination - cats and dogs! I never thought I'd be quite as fond of animals as I am now.... but it's a bit like babies really... I enjoy giving them back. (shhhh)...

Rosie, Andrea and I followed up last week's sewing day with another busy day of sewing. I machine stitched bindings onto the Pokey Puppy Quilt and Be Seussical. The couch awaits! Hahahaah.. perfect weather for sitting indoors with a movie actually....

Then I worked on the next Cat In The Hat quilt top.... pieced the background together and fused on the appliques. If I am able to get the quilt top finished by the weekend Mum and I will put it on her big machine... and zup zup.. another one done.

But wait, I've already had couch time.. and I've finished the Pokey Puppy quilt binding.. It just needs a label.. Yay!! Baby Finn is going to love it... (Finn is the one in the braces jumpsuit... and Marcus is having a swing at his lil' toy).

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