Monday, 30 March 2009

Confessions and Apologies

I must have been tired when I last posted about the sawtooth border.
You know, the squares didn't need much trimming at all, mostly just the dogs ears... and for small pieces like that it is more accurate to trim. And it didn't take me as long as I thought it would.

The border is supposed to be dark edges to the centre

But I liked light edges to the centre for my quilt.

I trimmed the 1 1/2 inch blocks using my rotating cutting mat. It only took one and a half hours to trim, piece and attach the border to the centre. The technique really worked, so go for it!!!

Next will be a plain border, then hourglass blocks. I started making the hourglass blocks last night. It will be easier to select fabric for the border once I have laid out all the hourglasses.
I plan to work on the hourglass blocks tonight and have some more show and tell tomorrow.


Karen said...

Looks wonderful!

Maree said...

What a Beautiful Block.....

jean said...

Your centre block looks great and I like the sawtooth with the light side to the centre

Janet said...

I really like your sawtooth border. It's beautiful!